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Together with our partners in Kuala Lumpur, the Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI), we have helped form a engaging hub of theological activity in Malaysia. KRM-ISSI brings together bright young scholars and well-known scholars, experts and government officials to engage the Kalam tradition with traditional and contemporary Philosophy, Science, Technology and Social Science disciples and the Big Questions.

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Dr Amran Muhammad

Dr Amran Muhammad


Associate Professor & Dean of the International Institute for Islamic Civilization (IIIC), University College of Yayasan Pahang in Kuantan.

Dr Khalina Khalili

Dr Khalina Khalili

Islamic Studies, Philosophy & Education

Dr Khalina Mohammed Khalili currently teaches Islamic Studies and Islamic Philosophy at the Alice Smith School.


KLIKS Scholars Meet with Malaysian Shariah Court Ulema

Dr Aref Ali Nayed (Chairman of Kalam Research & Media), Sheikh Saeed Foudeh (Islamic theologian from Jordan) and Sheikh Khalid Zahri (Kalam specialist from Rabat, Morocco), who are the principal speakers at the 1st Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS) were hosted on 23 May 2016 by leading religious scholars from Malaysia at the Shariah Court in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Second Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2017)

The International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2) is organised specifically to deliberate on how Kalam could respond to these postmodern challenges. With more than 400 participants and 21 international speakers attending KLIKS 2 to share their ideas and thoughts on the challenges faced within the kalam tradition.

First Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2016)

Kalam Research and Media (KRM) in partnership with the Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI), and in association with various Malaysian and Indonesia academic institutions, held the First Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2016) at the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Amran Muhammad Presents

Architectonics of Kalam I Third Workshop (Kuala Lumpur)

Around 100 students successfully attended the third workshop of the newly established Kalam Architectonics School. Dr Amran Muhammed (Chief Executive of KRM Southeast Asia) lectured on the internal structure and methodology of kalam within history and as a science.

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