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Our Locations


KRM has an extensive network of offices in the MENA region, which allows it to provide its research, publishing and media teams safe and creative spaces for their work.


ABU DHABI | KRM’s Abu Dhabi media offices are located at the TWOFOUR54 media hub in the citylocated now at the prestigious Yas Islands. TWOFOUR54 is a thriving and growinghub for creative research, design an production. KRM chose this location for its facilitation of efficient operations, connectivity and networking. The UAE’s incredible business and logistical ease advantage is key to the successes of KRM throughout the MENAregion, which is its primary focus. The hub has over 600 media companies, from agilestart-ups to global players like CNN, Sky News Arabia, Image Nation, Bidaya Mediaand Flash Entertainment, as well as our talented pool of over 1000 freelancers and ayouth community of 14,500. Twofour54’s film and television services provides world-class production and post-production services in Abu Dhabi. It has been voted MiddleEast and North Africa (MENA)’s ‘Studio of the Year’, and it has freelance creative talent,production and post-production expertise and can meet the needs of regional and international studios, broadcasters, and production companies. TwoFour54 has beeninvolved in the filming in the UAE of some of Hollywood’s biggest films such as StarWars, Fast & Furious 7, Bang Bang, Bourne Legacy, The Kingdom, and Syriana.


DUBAI | KRM has offices located at the Ibn Battuta Gate, an important architectural landmark in the city. Dubai is one of the most important cultural and technological hubs of the world and is equally vital for its connectivity to the Muslim world. As a thriving metropolis, Dubai is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, merging both tradition and modernity, and it provides KRM the gateway to maintain a deep connection to the centre of influence in the Muslim world but also connectedness to the international community. KRM offices in Dubai are ideally suited for research, media and PR work. Its proximity to Dubai’s Media City, Internet City, and Knowledge Village, and its easy access to the government and education centres in Abu Dhabi and the heritage and cultural centres of Sharjah, allow us to make the most of a wealth of established resources and expertise. KRM has also been granted full access to the large Juma al-Majid library which boasts a rich collection of books and manuscripts.


AMMAN | KRM has extensive media facilities in Amman with state-of-the-art television studio production and broadcasting. Our facilities in Amman now includes a team of media experts including presenters, editors, journalists, writers, researchers, social media experts, technicians, sound engineers, cameramen, graphic designers, animation experts, and full administrative teams. Our facilities boast 4 large studio areas for recording and also one of the largest green rooms in Amman. We also have broadcasting facilities via NileSat. In Jordan we work closely with religious scholars, academics, institutions and universities.


TRIPOLI | The Tripoli office is located in the leafy Bin Ashur district and contains a library, conference room, two meeting rooms, with workstations for design and publishing. The library contains over 20,000 books covering theology, philosophy, science, Islamic Studies, inter-faith and other fields in both Arabic and English. The library boasts the best philosophy collection in Libya and is used by university students for their research.

BENGHAZI | KRM has large offices in Benghazi where it shares space with other partner organisations such as Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) and Ihya Libya. Our facilities in Benghazi include offices, conference halls, research rooms, library and media studio for recording. The offices are a hub of activity for civil society projects and also for young researchers and senior scholars in fields that are critical in Libya.

KRM has additional smaller offices in Sirte, Bani Walid and partner offices in Sebha.


CAIRO | KRM has offices in New Cairo allowing it to connect to one of the Middle East’s most important centres of learning. Our offices here provide facilities for research, workshops and seminars. Our team is connected to the key academic centres religious authority in Egypt and to the broader intellectual community and various publishing houses. Cairo is a critical hub of scholarly activity for KRM.


TUNIS | KRM has offices in Tunis which allows it to work closely with scholars in North Africa and also with think tanks and NGOs located in the country. Our facilities include research offices, conference room and also a small recording area. KRM is linked to leading religious institutions and ulema in Tunisia and has access to media expertise if required.


KRM’s is focussed on the development of the Science of Kalam for the development of a sophisticated Muslim contribution to Islamic theological discourse, tat is connected to the Islamic civilizational heritage and relevant to the Big Questions of our times.


KRM is one of the world’s leading and most experienced Muslim centres for Interfaith dialogue, understanding and cooperation. Our team includes leading interfaith experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution.


KRM understands Philosophy to be key in the development of the theological tradition of Kalam. KRM promotes the study and teaching of Philosophy and its deep engagement with Kalam and Spirituality in modern times, in order to renew its centrality in theological discourse.

Human Flourishing

KRM is committed to a compassion-driven Theology and religious ecosystem that is supportive of religious pluralism and cultural diversity and healthy civic engagement. Sufism is the spiritual science of Islam, and KRM believes in the strengthening of the relationship between Sufism and Kalam in order to infuse a deep discourse of metaphysics, religious experience and the cultivation of habits and virtues.


KRM’s theological initiatives has focussed on the retrieval of analytical tools of the Islamic sciences and its engagement with the Biq Questions. Science impacts and shape our lives, and KRM is committed to an integrative approach and constructive dialogue and collaboration between theology and the various disciplines within modern sciences.

AI & Technology

KRM’s team of experts in AI and Technology are working closely with KRM’s theologians, philosophers and international research centres to engage with development in the areas of Biological Engineering, Artificial Life, Automata Theory, Complexity Theory, Cybernetics, Dynamic Systems Theory, Networking Theory, Information Theory, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Ethics of AI.

Logic & Mathematics

KRM’s focus on the development of modern Kalam has emphasised the retrieval and development of analytical tools of the Islamic sciences in engagement with the Biq Questions, including the fields of Logic and Mathematics, which play a big role in the development of modern technology.