Al-Mathnawi Al-Arabi (MESNEVI-I NURIYE-I ARABI) (Epitomes of Light) Part 1

A lecture on Risale-i Nur by Prof. Dr. Aref Ali Nayed – The editor of Nursi’s Al-Mathnawi al-Arabi al-Nuri, Ihsan Qasim al-Salihi, both in the Preface to his authoritative edition and in his recent autobiographical Journey with the Rasail al-Nur, points out the vital importance of Al-Mathnawi al-Arabi al- Nuri for understanding Nursi’s life-work. Following Nursi himself, Ihsan Abi calls Nursi’s Mathnawi the “incubator” or “nursery” of the entire body of the Rasail Al-Nur. For people who ask for a “summary” of the Rasail al-Nur, Ihsan Abi points to the Al-Mathnawi al-Arabi al-Nuri itself as the very best summary of the Rasail.


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