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About Us

Kalam Research & Media (KRM) is a leading think tank and training centre dedicated to research, education, content development, and capacity building in the fields of Islamic theology, Philosophy, Science, Inter-faith, Diplomacy, Scriptural Reasoning, Hermeneutics, Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism, Conflict Resolution, Publishing and Media. 

KRM engages a wide ranging nexus of scholars in order to develop a robust and sophisticated theological discourse that is connect to our civilizational heritage and relevant to the Big Questions of our times.

KRM strives to contribute to the common good as a hub of collegial scholarly collaboration aimed at constructing signs of hope for our troubled times. KRM celebrates the intertwined realms of human experience, and aims at renewal, creativity, and responsible engagement between faith and contemporary living.

Combining rootedness with openness, and repair with construction, our research and theological projects are conducive to forming a compassion-driven intellectual architecture for our world.

The preservation and continuation of scholarly lineages (asanid) are key to KRM’s activities. KRM’s work and direction is guided and calibrated through intensive consultation with leading Muslim theologians, jurists, and philosophers—both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Through the accumulated work, experience, and contacts of its members and advisors, KRM enjoys strong and fruitful relations and partnerships with leading universities, centres, think tanks and institutions in the US, UK, Libya, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Finland, and other countries. For more information on KRM partners see link.

Theology (Kalam)

KRM’s foremost endeavor is the development of modern Islamic theology (or Kalam) for the development of a sophisticated Muslim contribution to theological discourse.

Analytical Theology

KRM, in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation, has been one of the leading forces behind the development of an Islamic Analytic Theology.


Although KRM’s main focus is in theological discourse, we also pursue scholarly efforts in the fields of Qur’anic studies, history, textual studies, hermeneutics, semiotics, poetry, culture, and other disciplines.


Kalam Research and Media (KRM) is a leading advocate of Inter-Faith dialogue, understanding and cooperation.


Philosophy has been of fundamental importance in the development of the theological tradition of Kalam in Muslim civilisation.


Sufism is the spiritual science of Islam. The Islamic civilisation has placed tremendous importance to the discipline of Sufism, which was manifest through numerous spiritual orders and sages.


KRM is committed to an integrative approach and constructive dialogue and collaboration between theology and spirituality and the various disciplines of modern sciences.


KRM team has been deeply involved in diplomatic work and in engagement with governments, religious centers of authority to counter religious extremism, violence and terrorism.