KRM Announces the Publication of a Photobook on Libya

Kalam Research & Media (KRM), in cooperation with the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), announces the publication of Sohail Nakhooda’s extensive collection of photos of the Libyan cities of Benghazi, Tripoli, Cyrene and Bani Walid.

The photobook, A Portrait of Libya, is now available for online viewing and can be downloaded for free. Sohail Nakhooda is the Executive Director of KRM, his collection contains over 450 images of Libya taken over a period of 12 years through multiple visits.


Sohail is well-known for his photographic work covering diplomatic and political footage of the Libyan revolution of 2011 and its aftermath. However, this book focuses exclusively on the people of Libya and its land and culture, away from the political vicissitudes the country has faced over the decades. In the Introduction to the photobook, he said that “through this collage of images I hope the reader will get a sense of the ephemeral beauty and striking richness of this land.”

A full-size glossy printed edition of the photobook will be available for purchase via Amazon and select outlets later in the year. A curated edition of the images in the photobook will also be exhibited in Libyan cities and in European capitals in 2023.

A Portrait of Libya is a labour of love and KRM and LIAS hope that these images of Libya will deepen respect and appreciation for the country, its noble history, and its resilient people. 

You can view the book on the slider above or download a low-resolution copy here. The copy is only for private viewing and not for commercial sale.  

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