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Kalam Research & Media (KRM) is a leading think tank and training centre dedicated to research, publishing, training and advisory services. KRM was established in 2009 in Dubai and has grown into an impressive network of expertise across key subject areas with offices in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Benghazi, Tripoli, Tunis, Toronto and Cairo.

KRM is focussed on research, education, content development, and capacity building in the fields of Islamic Theology, Philosophy, Science, Inter-faith, Diplomacy, Hermeneutics, Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism, Conflict Resolution, Articifial Intelligence (AI), Technology, Publishing and Broadcasting Media. KRM engages a wide-ranging nexus of scholars and experts around the world in order to develop a robust and sophisticated theological discourse that is connected to Islamic civilizational heritage and relevant to the Big Questions of our times.

KRM strives to contribute to the common good as a hub of collegial scholarly collaboration aimed at constructing signs of hope for our troubled times. It celebrates the intertwined realms of human experience, and aims at renewal, creativity, and responsible engagement between faith and our contemporary times.

Combining rootedness with openness, and repair with construction, our research and theological projects are conducive to forming a compassion-driven intellectual architecture for our world.

The preservation and continuation of scholarly lineages (asanid) are key to KRM’s activities. KRM’s work and direction is guided and calibrated through intensive consultation with leading Muslim theologians, jurists, and philosophers—both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Over the last 14 years, KRM has achieved world class capabilities in the following areas:

  • Theological and philosophical research, analysis, training and education (over 25 years of experience). KRM has published over 60 books in English, Arabic, Malay, Bosnian and other languages.
  • Inter-civilizational and inter-faith studies, analysis and engagements (over 30 years of experience).
  • IBM-related information technology, applications and security (having introduced IBM to Libyan banking, utilities and government, prior to 2011).
  • Program and project management of large government endeavors, particularly major programs in Libya prior to 2011.
  • The building of teams and global networks of research and analysis (having successfully built advocacy and collaboration networks globally, such as ‘A CommonWork’ and ‘Global Covenant’) that promote peace and understanding.

Through deep subject-area expertise and with the latest tools and analytics, KRM has formed networks of excellence able to deliver best know-how to communities, institutions,and to governments. Through the accumulated work, experience, and contacts of its members and advisors, KRM enjoys strong and fruitful relations and partnerships with leading universities, centres, think tanks and institutions in the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, US, UK, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Finland, and other countries.

In order to meet the times of contemporary times, KRM will be redoubling its efforts on its traditional areas of engagement, but will also be developing exciting new areas of research and development, publishing and training. From 2023 onwards, KRM will be focussed on the following domains and sectors:

    1. Theology and Interfaith
    2. Philosophy
    3. Human Flourishing
    4. Science
    5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Technology
    6. Logic and Mathematics


KRM’s is focussed on the development of the Science of Kalam for the development of a sophisticated Muslim contribution to Islamic theological discourse, tat is connected to the Islamic civilizational heritage and relevant to the Big Questions of our times.


KRM is one of the world’s leading and most experienced Muslim centres for Interfaith dialogue, understanding and cooperation. Our team includes leading interfaith experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution.


KRM understands Philosophy to be key in the development of the theological tradition of Kalam. KRM promotes the study and teaching of Philosophy and its deep engagement with Kalam and Spirituality in modern times, in order to renew its centrality in theological discourse.

Human Flourishing

KRM is committed to a compassion-driven Theology and religious ecosystem that is supportive of religious pluralism and cultural diversity and healthy civic engagement. Sufism is the spiritual science of Islam, and KRM believes in the strengthening of the relationship between Sufism and Kalam in order to infuse a deep discourse of metaphysics, religious experience and the cultivation of habits and virtues.


KRM’s theological initiatives has focussed on the retrieval of analytical tools of the Islamic sciences and its engagement with the Biq Questions. Science impacts and shape our lives, and KRM is committed to an integrative approach and constructive dialogue and collaboration between theology and the various disciplines within modern sciences.

AI & Technology

KRM’s team of experts in AI and Technology are working closely with KRM’s theologians, philosophers and international research centres to engage with development in the areas of Biological Engineering, Artificial Life, Automata Theory, Complexity Theory, Cybernetics, Dynamic Systems Theory, Networking Theory, Information Theory, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Ethics of AI.

Logic & Mathematics

KRM’s focus on the development of modern Kalam has emphasised the retrieval and development of analytical tools of the Islamic sciences in engagement with the Biq Questions, including the fields of Logic and Mathematics, which play a big role in the development of modern technology.