Sheikh Usama Al-Sayyid

Senior Fellow
Sheikh Dr Usama al-Sayyid is an Azhari scholar and Senior Fellow of Kalam Research and Media (KRM). He teaches Hadith, Logic, and Islamic Creed at the renowned Al-Azhar Mosque’s Riwaq al-Atrak in Cairo, Egypt. He also holds a teaching post in the Faculty of Usul al-Din and Da‘wah at Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Sheikh Usama was chosen by the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Gomaa to deliver the Friday sermons on his behalf in the Sultan Hassan Mosque from 2005 and until late 2009. He studied with many esteemed scholars from all over the Islamic world, acquiring numerous ijazat all testifying to his accepted position in the unbroken-chains of transmission known as isnad essential in the field of Islamic sciences and scholarship. His scholarly body of works includes the seminal Ihya’ Ulum al-Hadith (The Revival of the Hadith Sciences); al-Madkhal ila Usul al-Tafsir (An Introduction to the fundamentals of Tafsir); al-Ihya’ al-Kabir l-Ma’alem al-Manhaj al-Azhari al-Muneer (Towards a Grand Renewal: The Salient Features of the Azhari Approach); an introduction to al-Nibras; and Assanid al-Misriyya (KRM).
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