Sheikh Jamal Farouk al-Dakkak

Advisory Board Member

Sheikh Jamal Farouk al-Dakkak is a scholar at the College of Islamic Call (Da’wah) of al-Azhar University, Cairo. He reads and teaches both the Seven Qira’at and the Ten Qira’at of the Holy Qur’an. He holds Qur’anic circles and teaches tajwīd al-Qur’an as well as theology (commentary of Kharidah al-Bahiyyah) and delivers sermons at Al-Azhar Mosque. He also designs educational plans and curricula as part of various knowledge committees, and arbitrates scientific research, Qur’anic competitions, and others. He is part of the committee overseeing the participation of Al-Azhar students in religion and culture. He contributed to the arbitration of the sixth annual Qur’an competition for the Dubai International Award.

Amongst his early accomplishments is the memorization of the Qur’an at the hands of the late Sheikh Muhammad Mansour Hussein. He completed the ten recitations and was conferred the authentication (ijazah) by Sheikh Abdul Hakim Abdul Latif, followed by an appointment as the sheikh for the Mosque of Sayyidatina Zainab (r.a.) in 2000. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Da’wah in 1984, his Master’s degree in Religions and Denominations in 1990 with Excellence, and his Doctorate in Usul al-Din in 1994 with Distinction.

In 1985 Sheikh Jamal worked at the Ministry of Awqaf in the Arab Republic of Egypt before accepting the appointment as a lecturer at the College of Islamic Call of Al-Azhar in 1986. Then he was appointed as an assistant teacher there in 1990, then a teacher in 1994, and later he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religions, Denominations and Contemporary Issues in 2000. Later, he received the invitation to serve in the United Arab Emirates as an Associate Professor at the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai, for a period of six years, from 2001-2007.

Among his Arabic writings include Dirasat Nasiyyah fi al-Sirah al-Nabawiyyah, Al-ikhtilaf fi al-masa’il al-Diniyyah: Majalatihi wa da‘aimuhu al-khuluqiyyah, Mabhath fi al-tawassul wa radd shubuhat al- mani’in,‘ Allaqat al-dīn bi ‘anwa’ al-thaqafah wa al-tahzib, Ta’liq ‘ala kitab (dar al-nadhim fī dhikr al-khalf bayna rawayti duri abi ‘amru wa hafs ‘asim) li abi bakr al-nashiriī al-zubaydi 848 H fi al-qira’at, Mabhath fi masa’il al-‘aqidah al-islamiyyah (sifat al-wujud), Ta’liq ‘ala sharh al-jazariyyah li ibn yalushah fi ilm al-tajwid, Bahth hawla ta’addudiyyah al-adyan wa al-shara’i’ (wa fiqh tahliliyyah), Bahth hawla khuturah al-takfir wa atharihi al-salbiyyah and Bahth ‘an mafhum ‘ahl al-sunnah wal jama’ah.

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