Critical Edition of Emin Shirwani’s (1626 AD) Commentary on Ghazali’s Foundations of Orthodox Belief (Arabic)

by Mohamed Amin Sharwani & commentary by Zakariya Jibli
Published: 2017 | 0 Pages

Available soon on: Jamalon


This is a critical edition of Shirwani’s commentary on one of Ghazali’s most read works, Qawa’id Al-‘Aqa’id, is a crucial post-classical kalam commentary. The eminent scholar Muhammed Emin Shirwani wrote this commentary in the 17th century as a key to understanding Ghazali’s work. Consequently, due to Shirwani’s critical engagement of the post-classical kalam tradition this critical commentary on Ghazali’s work will be crucial to allow contemporary scholars and researchers to understand and appreciate the contributions to kalam from within the post-classical era. The commentary and critical edition has been prepared by Zakaria Jibili.

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