Two Glosses on Sadr al-Sharia’s Prolegomena (Arabic)

by A commentary by Dr. Saeed Foudeh
Published: 2017 | 0 Pages

Available soon on: Jamalon

This book contains two hitherto unpublished texts from the post-classical Islamic theological tradition, focusing on the question of human action, moral responsibility, and the nature of good and evil: the Prolegomena (Muqaddimat), which is part of a larger text known as The Clarification (Tawdih), authored by Sadr al-Shari’a. Taftazani (d. 1390 CE). The author’s commentary on this text brought forth the production of many other glosses in the post-classical era. The first gloss is by al-Qazabadhi (d. 1749 CE), a Turkish scholar from the town of Tokat, while the second gloss is authored by Muhammad Akkirmani al-Kafawi (d. 1760 CE). Both texts were edited by Sheikh Saeed Foudeh along with his own additional commentary to the texts in the margins.

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