The Aphorisms and Prayers

The Aphorisms and Prayers of the Sage and Imam, Muhammad b. Ali al-Kharrubi al-Tarabulsi (d.963 AH/ 1555 CE) has been published for the first time. The critical edition was completed by Dr. Aref Ali Nayed over 20 years ago, but has only come out now.

In his aphorisms, Kharrubi closely follows the method adopted by Ibn ‘Ataillah al-Iskandari, articulated in magnificent style. Ultimately, this text represents the summation of Kharrubi’s experience on the path of knowledge and sufism, which can be found in his many works on sufism, tafsir (exegesis), and other subjects.


The editor relied on two manuscripts, one of the aphorisms themselves and the other from the author’s own commentary on the aphorisms. He has also enriched the text with a biography of the author, in addition to noting his own chains of narration back to the author. Dr.Nayed has dedicated this work to the great historian, Mukhtar b. Yunus, who is ill at present, and for whom we pray a speedy recovery.


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