Russian Engagements: On Libyan Politics & Libyan-Russian Relations

Dr Aref Ali Nayed
Published: 2019 | 154 Pages

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This volume brings together speeches and press and television interviews given by the Libyan statesman and scholar, Aref Ali Nayed, on Libyan affairs, politics, extremism and international relations during his two visits to Moscow in 2018. Dr Nayed’s analysis deconstructs the current events in Libya and the complex interplay of political, religious, theological, philosophical, historical and sociological factors that have shaped the political impasse since the 17th February revolution. Dr Nayed details his vision for Libya and the importance of Libyan-Russian relations. This volume includes his presentations at the Institute for African Studies and at the bicentennial celebrations of the prestigious Oriental Institute of the Russian Academic of Sciences, the National Research Higher School of Economics, along with interviews with Russian, English and Arabic news programmes in Moscow.

Dr Aref Ali Nayed is the Chairman of Kalam Research and Media (KRM)

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