New Journal Issue: Forum Bosnae

We are pleased to inform the members of International Forum Bosnia and the general public that a new double volume of the Forum Bosnae journal is now available. The publication of this volume of the journal was published in cooperation with Kalam Research and Media (KRM) and the John Templeton Foundation.

The journal is published in the Bosnian language and it includes articles from the following scholars from the Balkans and around the world: Rusmir Mahmutćehajić, William C. Chittick, Josef van Ess, Sachiko Murata, Oliver Leaman, Sajjad Rizvi, David Bennett, David Fideler, Dejan Aždajić, David Burrell, Mile Babić, Ivo Marković, Adnan Silajdžić, Samir Beglerović, Desmond Maurer, Šerbo Rastoder, Michael Sugich, Lejla Nakaš, Sanjin Kodrić, Ivo Banac, Slobodan Prosperov Novak, Senadin Lavić, Miloš Lazin, and Mile Babić.

The texts have been selected in the hope that they will contribute to a much-needed deepening of the understanding of Bosnian religious plurality, with a particular accent on its interpretation within the Kalam tradition. Whenever political, cultural and economic issues take centre stage in Bosnia’s societal drama, the ruling tendency is for the religious aspects to remain outside the academic or scholarly viewpoint. Consequently, the forms of totalitarian ideology, and more particularly of Communist-atheist or nationalist-fundamentalistresentment under the cover of a pseudo-theological rhetoric, dominate in public discourses on the religious plurality of Bosnian society. The texts presented in this publication for the most part approach religious plurality in contemporary societies from within a framework of research into an advocacy for the role of religion in free, open and harmonious societies.

Copies may be ordered from the International Forum Bosnia, see

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