KRM Supports Cutting Edge Research on Islamic Analytic Theology

In collaboration with the John Templeton Foundation and other institutional partners, Kalam Research & Media is supporting the research and drafting of over 40 volumes that both aim to offer either serious understanding of aspects of the rich tradition of analytic thought in the Islamic tradition in a contemporary context, or meticulous analytic approaches to the contemporary world. These volumes serve as attempts to represent an understudied and misunderstood field of scholarship in a contemporary context, seeking to draw new insights from renewed scholarly interest.

These volumes include the following, among others:

  • Classical Islamic Theology by Ayman Shihadeh
  • Daqiq al-Kalam: the Islamic philosophy of nature (English)  by M.B. Altaie;
  • Edited/Abridged version of Mustafa Sabri’s Mawqif al-‘Ilm wa al-‘Aql wa al-‘Alam min Rabbil ‘Alamin wa ‘Ibadihi al-Mursalin by Hamza Karamali;
  • An Analysis, Annotated English Translation And Critical Edition of Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi treatise On Soul: Kitab Fi ‘Ilm Al-Nafs by Wan Suhaimi;
  • Abu Al-Barakat On Soul: A Critical Edition of Section on Soul From Al-Mu‘Tabar Fi Al-Hikmah With An Annotated Summary by Wan Suhaimi;
  • Traditional Bosnia: Islamic theological, philosophical & logical studies from 15th Century onward by Enes Karic;
  • Abu Al-Barakat Al-Baghdadi’s Psychology by Wan Suhaimi;
  • A Logic Primer for Contemporary Islamic Studies by Hamza Karamali;
  • The Logical Foundations of Religion by Hamza Karamali;
  • Daqiq Al-Kalam: the Islamic philosophy of nature (Arabic) by M.B. Altaie;
  • Divine Action from an Islamic Perspective by M.B. Altaie;
  • Naming God in Christianity and Islam by Paul-A. Hardy;
  • Time and Consciousness by Khalil Chamcham;
  • An Edited Collection of Articles by M.B. Altiae, including: Causality according to Kalam and Modern Physics; The Size of the Universe and the Fate of the Sun in a Dialogue between al-Ghazali and AverroesLaws of Nature and the Laws of PhysicsSpace and Time according to Ibn Hazm and al-Ghazali; Daqiq al-Kalam: A Possible Role in Science and Religion Debates; and Neo-Kalam: A Possible Transformation of Traditional Islamic Thought.
  • The Question of Ethics: Contribution to an Ethical Critique of Western Modernity by Taha Abderrehmane, translated by Mokrane Guezzou;
  • Miftah al-Ghayb Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi, translated by Mokrane Guezzou;
  • Analytic Theology and Islam by Paul-A. Hardy;
  • An Edited Re-Presented Translation of Sa‘d al-Din Taftazani’s Tahdhib al-Mantiq wa al-Kalam with its Key Commentaries and Glosses  by Hamza Karamali;
  • The Aim of Education and the Method of Teaching According to Abu Hanifa Al-Nu‘Man: A Critical Edition of his Al-‘Alim Wa Al-Muta‘Allim by Mohamed Anuar Mamat;
  • The Encounter between Arabic Logic and ‘Ilm al-Kalam in Arabic Rhetoric by Munir Mujic;
  • Between Skepticism and Foundationalism: the paradox of Ashʿari epistemology in the classical and post-classical period by Ahmed Abdel Meguid;
  • Fi Usul al-Hiwar by Taha Abd al-Rahman, translated by Tarek Ghannem;
  • Kifayat al-Sa‘i fi Fahm Maqulat al-Suja‘i by Said Fouda, translated by Abdurrahman Mihrig;
  • The Ashʿari A Priori and the Dilemma of Kantian and Post-Kantian Epistemology by Abdel Meguid;
  • God’s Morals: A Theological Framework for Ethics by Yusuf Lenfest;
  • From Scripture to Reason: How the Maliki Traditionalists Embraced Ash’ari Theology by Abdurrahman Mihirig.

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