KRM Partners with Alerth Alnabawi Channel

Alerth Alnabawi is a new religious channel established in 2012 by Habib Mohamed Abdurrahman Al-Saqqaf with the aim of providing religious programming for the Arab world. The channel has its studios based in Amman, Jordan, and is planning to launch programmes that will cater to a cross-section of the public, particularly families, youth, and also young scholars. The programmes will be aimed at viewers from across the Middle East and North Africa region and it will broadcast a variety of religious programming for general viewers but also country-specific and subject specific programming.

Leading Sunni Muslim scholars are involved in this initiative including Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah (Mauritania), Mufti Ali Gomaa (Egypt), Habib Umar Bin Hafidh (Yemen), Habib Abubakr Bin Ali Al- Mashhour (Yemen), Habib Al-Jifri (UAE), Sheikh Usama Al-Sayyid Al-Azhari (Egypt), Sheikh Said Fouda (Jordan) and others.

Given the rise in Salafi and Islamist trends in the Arab world there is an urgent need for religious broadcasting that is both traditional and mainstream that is connected to the centres of religious learning.

KRM is partnering with Alerth Alnabawi and will produce a series of programmes for both Libyan and other North African views on theology, spirituality, history and contemporary issues. For the initial phase, KRM will be producing the following series of programme (each with over 13 episodes):

1. Sheikh Umar Mawlud on the History of the Maliki Madhhab in Libya Sheikh Umar Mawlud is the head of the League of Libyan Ulema and is one Libya’s senior most religious scholars in Maliki fiqh. This series will trace the history of the Maliki school of Law in Libya and also discuss great figures of the tradition.

2. Dr Aref Ali Nayed on Great Libyan Personalities Dr Nayed, a leading Libyan theologian will discuss the lives and legacy of some of the greatest Libyans scholars and sages throughout its history and the various institutions in Libya that they were connected will and their relevance today. In this 13-part series, Dr Nayed will profile scholars such as Umar Janzuri, Ali Ghryani, Abdurrahman Al-Busairi, Mohamed Kamil Mustafa, Ali Siala, Mohamed Ali Sanussi, Mohamed Ali Kharubi, Ahmed Zarruq, Abdussalam Al-Asmar, Moahmed Halulu, Ali ibn Ziad, and Mohamed Zafir Al-Madani, among others.

3. Sheikh Bahlul Abu Argub on the Tradition of Qur’anic Recitation and Religious Odes in Libya Sheikh Bahlul is the head of the Bustan Al-Madihin ensemble and is one of the leading munshids of Libya. Sheikh Bahlul will explain the great tradition of Qur’anic recitation in Libya and also its main scholars. He will also examine the beautiful tradition of spiritual Qasidas (odes) that are sung in Libya and the Andalusi religious music tradition.

4. Mohamed Elmesallate on Issues of Concern to the Shabbab Sidi Mohamed Elmesallate is a young Libyan student who has studied at the Uthman Pasha madrasa with scholars such as Dr Aref Nayed. Elmesallate will discuss issues affecting the Arab street and the youth and see how religious understanding can help tackle various social problems.

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