Isis in Libya – Winning the Propaganda War

by Dr Aref Ali Nayed
Published: 2015 | 8 Pages

Download here: Monograph


In the latest of the KRM Monograph series, Dr. Aref Nayed analyses the propaganda strategy and methods utilised by ISIS and affiliates in sophisticated video productions aimed at propagating their ideology, and recruiting the young and ignorant. The videos, he notes, are of a very high production value that seem on par with movies coming out of Hollywood studios. He also noted that the videos invoke familiar scenes from violent video games that are clearly designed to pique the interest of the youth. This propaganda, coupled with an ignorance of faith and invocation of familiar motifs such as religion and entertainment, draws vulnerable and disenfranchised youth into the ranks of nefarious organisations such as ISIS.

Dr. Aref also points out that the scholars of our religion, whilst numerous and eminent, are disconnected from the youth and the youth are not getting the guidance and pastoral care from them. Dr. Aref argues that authoritative scholars of Islam must ally themselves with experts and masters of digital technology in an effort to reconnect with errant youth and move them away from the excesses of terrorism and rebellion.

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