Dr Peter Ochs

Advisory Board Member
Peter Ochs is Edgar Bronfman’s Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia. He is co-founder of the (Abrahamic) Society for Scriptural Reasoning. He has authored, co-authored or co-edited a number of books including Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews; The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited; Peirce, Pragmatism, and the Logic of Scripture; Reviewing the Covenant: Eugene B. Borowitz and the Postmodern Renewal of Theology; Christianity in Jewish Terms; Reasoning after Revelation: Dialogues in Postmodern Jewish Philosophy; The Return to Scripture in Judaism and Christianity; and Understanding the Rabbinical Mind. With Stanley Hauerwas, he coedits the book series Radical Traditions: (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) Theology in a Post-critical Key. Professor Ochs serves on the editorial boards of Modern Theology, Theology Today, The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, The Journal of Textual Reasoning, and Crosscurrents.
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