Dr. Aref Ali Nayed Speaks at Davos

Dr. Aref Nayed, Founder of Kalam Research and Media (KRM), and Chairman of the Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), participated in two sessions at the WEF at Davos. 

Dr Nayed spoke in a public session on “Regions in Transformation: the Arab World” on Friday 23 January, along with Amr Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League, Ayad Allawi, Vice President for Reconciliation of Iraq, and Mahmoud Jibril, Leader of the National Forces Alliance in Libya. The session will be moderated by Ghassan Salame, Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.

Dr Nayed also took part in a closed-door consultative session on Libya on Thursday 26 January 26 at Davos.

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