Dr Ahmed Shamli

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dr Ahmed Shamli is Senior Advisor on AI at Kalam Research and Media (KRM). He is Senior Data Scientist at Planitar Inc, in Ontario, Canada. Before joining Planitar he was a Post Doctoral researcher at the University of Guelph in Canada, working on developing machine learning techniques to enhance the FPGA circuit Placement and routability. He was previously a General Manager of Smart Systems Solutions in Tripoli, Libya, and worked for over 6 years at Agathon Systems LTD, a leading IT company founded by Dr Aref Ali Nayed, where he led the Computer Labs deployment for public schools in Libya. In this project, he and his team were able to successfully install 380 Labs distributed in different regions across the country, most of them in the southern region. Dr Shamli holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Tripoli, MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Guelph in Canada, and a PhD in Engineering, specialising in Machine Learning from the University of Guelph. His doctoral work was on machine learning and deep learning, addressing the domain adaptation problem for remote-sensing images.

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