Conference on Causality and Occasionalism

An international workshop and conference on the theories of causality in relation to occasionalism were held at Bogazici University in Istanbul between 2nd June and 7th 2015 and co-sponsored by Kalam Research & Media, The John Templeton Foundation and Bogazici University.  Twelve prominent scholars (from Harvard, Oxford, Kentucky, Ohio, Bogazici, Yildiz Teknik, Qatar, Yarmuk, Edinburgh and London Universities) presented papers and exchanged ideas. The workshop surveyed theories of causality in Medieval (both Islamic and Scholastic) and modern contexts and examined the historical and theoretical role of occasionalism in their appearance and formulation. In addition, the relevance of occasionalism to contemporary theories of causality has been explored. In the conference, critical evaluations on a significant theory of causality in relation to occasionalism have been presented. The whole event witnessed a rich intercultural exchange between Islamic intellectual traditions and Western philosophy as well as many diverse theoretical perspectives to understand the concept of causality.

Speakers at the event were: Alparslan Açigenç (Bogazici University), Mehmet Bulgen (Marmara University), Muhammad Basil Altaie (Yarmuk University), Edward Moad (Qatar University), Vasil Dinev Penchev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Anna Marmodoro (Oxford University), Ayman Shihadeh (SOAS), Takaharu Oda (University of Edinburgh), Douglas Kutach (University of West Indies, Mona), Davlat Dadikhuda (McGill University), Jeffrey McDonough (Harvard University), Brandon Look (University of Kentucky), Paul Martin (Ohio University), Bruce Katz (USA), and Nazif Muhtaroglu (Bogazici University).


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