Beyond Fascism

by Dr Aref Ali Nayed
Published: 2013 | 12 Pages

Download here: Monograph


In this short yet timely essay, leading Libyan theologian, Aref Ali Nayed, discusses the legacy of fascism and totalitarianism in Libya. He calls for a national effort at healing, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, and renewal so that Libya can actualize all human possibilities, both individual and communal, and avoid a regress to fascism and totalitarianism.


“…Life and living is about growing and flourishing, and Libya will not grow and flourish until it overcomes the despair of ‘the sickness unto death’. These notes are the reflections of one Libyan upon his own despair and anxiety. They are shared in a spirit of brokenness that knows it needs help, and that recognizes that help can only come through open sharing and dialogue of one’s thoughts, experience, and even weaknesses and fears…”

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