Abdurrahman Mihirig

Kalam and Philosophy
Abdurrahman Ali Mihirig is a doctoral candidate at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where he is conducting research on metaphysics and logic in Islamic philosophy. He is a Research Fellow on Kalam at Kalam Research & Media (KRM). He completed his Bachelor’s degrees in History and Electrical Engineering at the University of British Columbia before pursuing further studies in the field of Islamic philosophy. Mihirig earned his Master’s degree in Islamic intellectual history and philosophy from Harvard University and a second Master’s degree from Ibn Haldun University, where he focused on the Late Ottoman Kalam tradition and wrote his thesis on Ismail Gelenbevi’s Kalam Treatises.
In addition to his academic pursuits, Mihirig has worked as a researcher, editor, and translator of the Kalam and Philosophy Glossary in English and Arabic for KRM. Mihirig has also authored articles in esteemed academic journals, including “Typologies of Skepticism in the Philosophical Tradition of Kalam”, published in Theoria Journal of Philosophy in December 2020, and “The Existence of Arguments in Classical Islamic Thought: Reply to Hannah Erlwein”, published in Sophia: Journal for Philosophy of Religion (May 2021). Currently, Mihirig is working on translations and commentaries of various Kalam works. He is partnering with the Birmingham University Global Philosophy of Religion Project to translate “The Kalam Cosmological Argument: Philosophical Perspectives” into Arabic. Mihirig is also translating from Arabic into English and providing contemporary philosophical commentary for Muhammad b. Yusuf al-Sanusi (d.1490 CE)’s Commentary on the Major Creed.
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