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Salah Nweider

Research Fellow

Salah Nweider

Salah Nweider is Research Fellow at Kalam Research and Media. He studied the Islamic sciences intensively for over eight years under the close tutelage of Shaykh Muhammad Shuqayr, who, in turn, was an intimate student of the late Sheikh Hasan Habannaka and of Sheikh Mulla Ramadan, among many other prominent Damascene scholars of the past century. During his religious studies, Salah also earned his BA in English Literature at the University of Damascus. He now lives in Jordan, where he is completing his MA in Contemporary Islamic Studies, focussing on the epistemology of mass transmission (tawatur), at the University of Jordan and he also teaches students of Arabic, jurisprudence and legal theory. He oversees the academic papers and articles and assists in correspondence with distinguished scholars in the Arab world, among many other tasks, including the development audio-visual lessons in kalam, philosophy, and science. He is currently editing a major multi-volume Qur'anic commentary (tafsir) by Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali Al-Kharrubi for Kalam Research and Media. Salah Nweider has also edited a number of key classical works in jurisprudence, sufism, and Arabic and legal theory including Anwar al-masalik sharh ‘umdat al-salik by Zuhri al-Ghamrawi (Dar al-Nur, 2013), Hashiyat al-Bajuri ‘ala sharh Ibn Qasim ‘ala matn Abi Shuja by Bajuri (Dar al-Nur, 2015), Risalah fi sharh al-basmalah wa al-hamdalah by Zakariyya al-Ansari (Dar al-Nur, 2015), Fath al-Rahman sharh risalat al-‘arif bi Allah Raslan by Zakariyya al-Ansari (Dar al-Nur, 2015), Al-zubdah al-ra’iqah Sharh al-burdah al-fa’iqah by Zakariyya al-Ansari (Dar al-Nur, 2015), and Maraqi al-sa‘adat fi ‘ilm al-tawhid wa al-‘ibadat by Shurunbulali (Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyya, 2015).

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