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Zakaria El Houbba

Production and Editorial Manager

Zakaria El Houbba

Zakaria El Houbba is the Production and Editorial Manager at KRM’s Templeton project. As such he manages the day-to-day running edit suite for all of KRM’s publications. Born and raised in Belgium from Moroccan descent, he’s a keen interest in the peculiarities of linguistics, Weltanschauungen and theological manifestations of philosophy.  Zakaria obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Leuven’s Higher institute of Philosophy (Belgium) and Ankara University (Turkey). He’s currently residing in Cairo where he studies the traditional sciences with Azhar scholars and pursuing a MA in Islamic studies. His main interests lay in the fields of scholastic Islamic theology, German Idealism and the Islamic Intellectual thought at the end of the Ottoman Empire.

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