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A Philosophical Colloquy with Abi Ya'rub al-Marzuqi (Arabic)

by Saeed Foudeh and Abu Ya’rub al-Marzuqi Mail Print
A Philosophical Colloquy with Abi Ya

Available soon on Jamalon

This lengthy exposition is the fruit of a series of discussions that took place between Sheikh Saeed Foudeh and Abu Ya’rub al-Marzuqi, a contemporary Tunisian philosopher. In these discourses Foudeh, representing the Ash’ari school of kalam, discusses with Marzuqi a number of pressing questions relating to the concepts and status of knowledge, logic, and God; in addition to questions relating to the viability of Islamic Scholastic Theology (kalam) as a science in relation to philosophy. These intellectual engagements between Marzuqi, who holds a post-structuralism interpretation of the post-classical Islamic tradition, and Said Foudeh, are one of the first and crucial public contemporary engagements between an established traditional kalam scholar and an established contemporary philosopher.


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