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Theology as Antidote to Extremism: KRM at CVE Expo

by Yusuf Lenfest Mail Print
Theology as Antidote to Extremism: KRM at CVE Expo
Dr Aref Ali Nayed speaking at the CVE Global Expo on Extremism in Libya © Sohail Nakhooda/KRM

The Hedayah Center in Abu Dhabi organised and hosted a 3-day forum on Countering Violence and Extremism (CVE). In attendance were many prominent leaders from the international community as well non-governmental organizations.

Under the auspices of Hedayah Center, the Global CVE Expo brought together numerous policy makers, NGOs and media experts convened to discuss ways to combat violence and extremism. Hedayah was established to serve as the premier international institution for training, dialogue, collaboration, and research to counter violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations, in support of long-term, global efforts to prevent and counter terrorism.

Kalam Research and Media (KRM) was represented at the Expo by its founder and director, Dr Aref Nayed, who also serves as Libyan Ambassador to the UAE. His speech touched on the political fragility of Libya and the need to disseminate a compassionate theology which was once the mainstay of Libyan society, and indeed of communities throughout the Muslim world. He cited disillusionment with politics, disenchantment from community, and detachment from humanity and the values of neighbourliness and kindness as amongst the causes that pull youth into the darkness of extremist groups.

The Global CVE Expo 2014 hosted strategically designed workshops, panel discussions, training sessions, and engaged with filmmakers and representatives such as the US Institute of Peace and KRM to strengthen skills, while broadening the participants’ thought and action within CVE communications. 


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