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League of Libyan Ulama

The League of Libyan Ulema an association of Libya's most senior Muslim scholars

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The League of Libyan Ulema an association of Libya
Tripoli Mosque, Old Madina © Sohail Nakhooda/Kalam Research & Media

The League of Libyan Ulema is an association of Libya’s most senior traditional Muslim scholars. It has grown and expanded from its origins as an informal network of Muslim scholars that spontaneously emerged during the early days of the Libyan revolution—the Network of Free Ulema, Libya. It is headed by Sheikh Dr Umar Abdul Hamid Al-Mawlud and includes a scholarly council of senior Libyan ulema. The League represents the traditional Azhari line of Asha‘ri, Maliki, Junaidi schools, but also includes Ibadi scholars.

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