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Bustan al-Madihin

Bustan Al-Madihin: To The Guide's Chamber [CD]

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Bustan Al-Madihin: To The Guide
Bustan al-Madihin // KRM

A Journey to the Prophet of Islam

Bustan Al-Madihin is a traditional Libyan ensemble comprising 0f 30 professional singers and musicians  united in their love of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him). The group, led by Sheikh Bahlul Sa‘id Abu ‘Arqoub, one of the most accomplished Libyan nasheed singers, performs Islamic devotional songs. With the launch of this new album, “To the Guide’s Chamber”, the group brings their rich musical repertoire and soulful lyrics to a wider audience of listeners. The album was recorded in Syrian where the group collaborated with the renowned Saad Al-Hussainy, the composer of the popular Arab television series “Bab al-Hara”, and with Russian expert Victor Babinko from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus. Accompanying this album KRM has produced a video of the track, “To the Guide’s Chamber”, with one of the leading Syrian producers Muhammad Bayazid. [2010] [CD]

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