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About Us


Kalam Research & Media (KRM) is a collegial think tank and training center dedicated to research, education, content development, and capacity building in the following core areas: Islamic Theology (Kalam); Islamic Philosophy & Wisdom; Islamic Philosophy of Science, Technology, & the Environment; Inter-Faith Engagement; Inter-Faith Conflict Prevention & Resolution; Scriptural Reasoning & Hermeneutics; Islamic Professional & Business Ethics; Creative & Critical Thinking; Compassion Architecture.

KRM strives to contribute to the common good as a hub of collegial scholarly collaboration aimed at constructing signs of hope for our troubled times. Celebrating the intertwined realms of human experience, it aims at renewal, creativity, and responsible engagement between faith and contemporary living. Combining rootedness with openness, and repair with construction, our research and theological instruction are conducive to forming a compassionate architecture for our world.

The preservation and continuation of scholarly lineages (asanid) are key to KRM’s activities. KRM’s work and direction is guided and calibrated through intensive consultation with leading Muslim theologians, jurists, and philosophers. Consultation and arbitration (shura and tahkim) are foundational.

Through the accumulated work, experience, and contacts of its members and advisors, KRM enjoys strong and fruitful relations and partnerships with such institutions as: Dar al-Ifta’, Cairo, Egypt; Dar al-Mustafa, Tarim, Yemen; Tabah Foundation, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute, Amman, Jordan; Islamic Call Society and Islamic Call College, Tripoli, Libya; Uthman Pasha Madrasa, Tripoli, Libya; Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme, Cambridge University, UK; Reconciliation Program, Yale Center for Faith and Culture, USA; Princeton Theological Seminary, USA; Society for Scriptural Reasoning, University of Virginia, USA; Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Rome, Italy; Civilization Study Center, Bahçes¸ehir University, Istanbul, Turkey; Global Network of Research Centers, University of Heidelberg, Germany; Iqbal Academy, Lahore, Pakistan.

In addition to the expertise of its resident team, KRM builds on the experience and work of many advisors, fellows, and associates throughout the world.

KRM aims to revive the theological and spiritual discourse in Islam through its network of scholars, professionals and institutional partners around the world; it also seeks to enhance its connection to wider intellectual and social currents through media and publication. Our core areas of research expertise are the following:

  • Islamic Theology (Kalam)
  • Islamic Philosophy & Sufism
  • Islamic Philosophy of Science, Technology, and the Environment
  • Inter-Faith Engagement
  • Inter-Faith Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • Compassion Architecture
  • Scriptural Reasoning and Hermeneutics
  • Islamic Professional and Business Ethics
  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Media
  • PR

Our Locations

Dubai Office

In Dubai KRM is located in Ibn Battuta Gate, an important architectural landmark in the city. Dubai is one of the most important cultural and technological hubs of the world, and is equally vital for its connectivity to the Muslim world. As a thriving metropolis, Dubai is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, merging both tradition and modernity, and it provides KRM the gateway to maintain a deep connection to the center of influence in the Muslim world but also connectedness to the international community. KRM offices in Dubai are ideally suited for research, media and PR work. Its proximity to Dubai’s Media City, Internet City, and Knowledge Village, and its easy access to the government and education centres in Abu Dhabi and the heritage and cultural centres of Sharjah, allow us to make the most of a wealth of established resources and expertise. KRM has also been granted full access to the large Juma al-Majid library which boasts a rich collection of books and manuscripts.

Tripoli Office

The Tripoli office is located in the leafy Bin Ashur district and contains a library, conference room, two meeting rooms, and eight PC workstations and a Mac set for design and publishing. The library contains over 20,000 books covering theology, philosophy, science, Islamic Studies, inter-faith and other fields in both Arabic and English. The library boasts the best philosophy collection in Libya and is used by university students for their research.

KRM’s strategic plans for the coming years include the development of a vigorous and creative centre of research excellence at its Tripoli Office. In the New Libya, KRM is set to play a critical role in the development of a mainstream and orthodox religious discourse and also assist in the development of a vibrant civil society. Our resources and team of experts are well placed to capitalise on the new spirit of freedom in the country and help the country build the necessary conditions and capacities to affect positive change in the religious, social and cultural spheres.

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