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International Maturidi Kalam Conference: Call for Papers

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International Maturidi Kalam Conference: Call for Papers
Photo © Sohail Nakhooda/KRM

Kalam Research and Media (KRM) is pleased to announce the its forthcoming 2-day International Conference “Understanding Maturidi Kalam: Legacy, Present and Challenges” to be held in Amman, Jordan, from 16th-17th September 20127.

For over a millenia the Ash‘ari and Maturidi Schools of Theology have have been one of the most prevalent in the Muslim world. While the Ash‘ari School is considered mainstream and studied heavily, the Maturidi School has not, however, received much scholarly attention, despite being recognized as one of the main expressions of Muslim orthodoxy.

This conference organised by Kalam Research & Media (KRM) aims to shed further light on the Maturidi school through an analysis of its historical emergence and spread; investigating its theological and philosophical theories; exploring the broader cultural, social and political contexts within which the school developed; and contemporary challenges and the viability of its engagement with the Big Questions.

This Conference is especially suitable for religious scholars, traditionally-trained seminarians, academics, and experts to facilitate the engagement of analytic approaches and concerns. Scholars and experts interested in the field are encouraged to summit abstracts for consideration for the conference. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 30th June 2017. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English or Arabic. Please send your abstract and curriculum vitae to info@kalamresearch.com

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